Welcome to Globafy. Global, simple and free conference calls

Globafy is proud to give you the world’s largest network of free conference numbers. It is our vision to help you communicate and collaborate efficiently on a national and global scale and help you save time and money. Easy and free conference calls are an environmentally friendly alternative to travelling.

Globafy is a world leader in global, simple and free conference calls

We strive to make communication extremely easy. We are dedicated to removing the barriers experienced in other audio conferencing services.

The world’s largest network of free conference numbers

Our network of conference numbers is built in partnerships with telcos globally in order to deliver global reach and reliable high speech quality. We believe in collaboration and are open to new partnering opportunities with telcos, service partners and channel partners. Please contact us, if you would like to discuss a partnership. We are Microsoft Cloud partners and we build our solutions on solid and reliable technology. Globafy is led by a management team with a successful track record from the IT and telecommunications industries. Globafy’s founders are Jakob Munk and Kim Paludan.

As a company Globafy is itself an example of international collaboration

Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark. We ‘take our own medicine’ and develop our solutions in international collaboration between our specialists in Denmark, France, Malta, Ukraine and Argentina. We try to be a demonstration of how to collaborate on a global scale.