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If you turn your phone to high volume or put the speaker on, your phone can create echo sounds in the meeting. Try turning your volume downDisable the speakerUse a headset

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If you turn your phone to high volume or put the speaker on, your phone can create echo sounds in the meeting.

  1. Try turning your volume down
  2. Disable the speaker
  3. Use a headset

Conference calls with Globafy are simple and secure

Each conference call can have up to 100 participants.
Call as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Here’s how your conference call works:

  • Get started immediately: With Globafy you don’t need to signup, register or reserve your conference calls.
  • Simply pick any 8 digit meeting code for your conference call: 100 million possible meeting codes make your audio conference secure. Use a unique code, e.g. the first or last 8 digits of a participants phone number. Reuse or change meeting codes, as you like. There is no or reservation of meetings or meeting codes.
  • Invite as you like: Invite as with any other meeting by email, calendar, sms or verbally. Please mention, so other participants can find their relevant conference access number.
  • Call your local conference number: Participants can call any of the 50+ free access numbers and simply enter the meeting code. The first caller to enter the meeting code automatically creates the audio conference. The meeting code connects you even across countries.
  • Now your free conference call is on. When you enter the code, you are told the number of current participants including yourself. A high-pitched tone signals a new participant. A falling tone signals a participant has left. Simply hang up when you want to leave the conference call.

Free conference calls with super audio quality

Globafy gives you conference calls with good and reliable voice quality because you are using your phone to call real access numbers, not an Internet based web conferencing or video conferencing service, were quality often suffer from unreliable internet connections.

Audio conferencing with extra features

If you want extra services, please check out the upgrade options for a customized audio conferencing solution.

Get the right plan for your business!

Professional high quality audio conferencing in 100+ countries. Get a customized solution for your business with Globafy Premium.

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