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Please contact us, if you have problems or questions regarding your conference call. Please first see the advice below as this might solve your problem. Our customer support can also be reached by phone. Please note that customer support might be in English only at the time of your call.

6 tips for better conference calls

Adjust the volume of your voice to match the volume of the other conference call participants.

  • If you turn your phone to high volume or put the speaker on, your phone can create echo sounds in the meeting.
  • To avoid echoes, you can mute the phone, put a headset on it or turn down the volume.
  • Call from a quit place if possible so you don’t bring a lot of background noise into the conference call.
  • You might mute the microphone on your phone and simply turn it back on when you want to speak.
  • You can start your comments by stating your name to make it easy to know who is talking.
  • Keep short breaks between your comments to allow others to speak without creating interruptions.
  • Do not put your phone on hold or take incoming calls during the audio conference as this can play music or other sounds in the conference (depending on your phone).

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