The conference call isn’t new. In fact, it is claimed to be just over 100 years old. So why do we still love and use the classic telephone conference call?

Well, firstly the world’s economy is becoming more integrated. Companies find new customers, clients, investors and partners from an international network. We find ourselves connecting with more people, without having any more time.

Businesses are increasingly becoming global instead of local, enhancing the need for long-distance collaboration. At the same time companies want to run at maximum efficiency, save money and be kind to the environment.

Communication must be simple and straightforward, which is why the conference call is a powerful and valuable tool.

Conference calls in 2018

Teleconferencing companies like Globafy allow you to hold conference calls on a global scale. You can easily conduct audio meetings with customers in countries like Singapore or Hong Kong, as quickly and easily as the ones in your own country. In fact, with Globafy Premium you get international dial-in numbers in over 85 countries.

You’re not confined to your desk any longer, as you can make a conference call on any device like a landline or an iPhone or Android smartphone. In fact, remote working is becoming ever popular as companies are recognizing the freedom and productivity this brings to the employee. Teams can operate from multiple locations and collaborate/keep in touch whenever needed.  Apart from the two biggest money savings (time & money), the conference call is still the classic go-to collaboration service in 2018. With audio conferencing, there is crystal clear sound quality and no time delay, as you are just making a normal telephone call. As good as online platforms are, you cannot beat a simple telephone call when it comes to getting business done.

But is not all business?

A conference call is defined as a telephone call involving 3 or more people. As well as companies, there are also social groups who use conference calls to keep in touch. Non-profit organizations and researchers share information, churches hold conference calls, so participants can listen to their services and help groups hold meetings giving an extra dimension to their service. People living abroad can also keep in touch with their family, as calling rates to a conference call can be cheaper than an international phone call.

So, the conference call has survived the test of time and isn’t going anywhere soon. Like it is sometimes easier to connect a cable over a wireless device, you cannot beat the simplicity of an audio conference call.

Which type of service is best for your business?

Premium conference call service

Truly Global conference call service with dial-in numbers for 85 countries. Customized greetings for your company give a professional feel when you hold an audio conference. Free call recordings so you will never miss out on anything that was said or agreed on. Help and support are available when you need it but best of all it is so simple and always works.

Call China, Hong Kong India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE and many other countries not available with Globafy free.

Globafy premium costs €9 a month and include 100 minutes of calling. You pay a flat rate fee of €0.09 per caller per minute thereafter.

There is no contract or binding period and our 30-day satisfaction guarantee means we will cancel your account for free if you are not totally satisfied.

Free conference call

Free international conference calls are simple with Globafy. You can make free conference calls in over 50 countries with Globafy.

Go to and look for the free access numbers for international conference calls. Firstly, choose an 8-digit meeting code and then invite participants to dial into your telephone conference call.

There is No sign-up, No registration, No reservation!

You don’t have to give your email, and you can start a free conference call straight away.

A free conference call is a great way for businesses to save money. Money saved on travel costs that can be wisely spent elsewhere.

Need more countries, personalized company greeting, free call recordings and much more? Try Globafy Premium.